Austin Schaeffer
Cyrus Byrd
Pete Goodfellow

Steam, others to follow

Release Date:

Linear Story Driven FPS

Compound Fracture

It’s 1996, and the sky over New Manitoba City is choked with pollution.

An anonymous whistleblower contacted OSEA, claiming that ChronoGas had violated the federal laws banning the use of time travel. A health and safety enforcer was dispatched to investigate the claims, but found that the situation was more urgent than anyone could have predicted. He is forced to act decisively.

Take on the role of the enforcer as he cuts a path through a hostile world. Set right something that should never have happened.

Frequently Asked Questions

Release Window

At this time it is still too early to know a release window.

Graphics Options

You can change the aspect ratio, resolution, field of view, toggle polygon jitter, toggle texture warping, and toggle dithering.


There are no plans for multiplayer at this time.


We can’t commit to any additional languages yet, as we don’t have the resources to fund translations ourselves. We’d love to make Compound Fracture playable in as many languages as possible, and we’ll investigate our options closer to launch.

Controller Support

The game has full controller support and rebindable buttons.

Accessibility Options

In addition to subtitles, we’ll be exploring a variety of additional accessibility features.

Mac/Linux version

We’re exploring both, but because of our limited ability to test these platforms we can’t make any promises just yet.


We’d like to bring the game to consoles but likely not until after the PC release.

Demo/Early Access

We will know whether or not we will have a demo closer to launch. We have no plans to release in Early Access.

Is this a spiritual successor to X?

While Compound Fracture may appear similar to specific games, it draws from a wide variety of inspirations across many platforms to create an experience with original gameplay, story, and design.